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Golf Course Review Anaheim Hills Golf Course Anaheim California

Anaheim Hills Golf Course

Golf Course Review Anaheim Hills Golf Course Anaheim California

ALERT: Aeration
Aeration of the greens 3/16 & 3/17.
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Reviewed by: roarksown1, Playa del Rey

Golf Playing Conditions 6.48 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.48 GOOD

Played Anaheim Hills on Sunday under threat of ominous skies, but lucky again this week with the rain holding off during prime golf hours. Met with my monthly group and we played from the white tees. Unfortunately it was Cart Path Only for the entire round and the nicely-appointed carts made sure you could not stray into the fairways despite some long recovery walks.

Overall the course is in good shape, with the main exception being the very shaggy tee boxes that are in dire need of a good mow. Other than that, the course is green from tee to flag and allows for some nice surfaces to hit from in the fairways. Rough is not too penal but the hazard areas (of which there are plenty) will make it very difficult to find any wayward shots. Bunkers I avoided all day but I heard mixed reviews, but of course many were a bit waterlogged so take that for what it’s worth.

Greens were in nice shape from a coverage perspective and held shots well, but the early soak made them quite slow, however they sped up as the day went on, but not on every green. There were a lot of putts missed short, but also plenty that caught slopes and ran on for a good distance once the day warmed up a bit. In other words, speeds were inconsistent, but the surfaces were quite good.

POP was pretty good as we were the last of our three-group outing, but there was some bunching at points and we actually tee’d off around 15 minutes late. There was some cart service around but we did not see it until around the 13th hole. Price is a bit steep in all honesty at $75 for the round + cart, but it’s in about as good a shape as it could be so it’s not too outrageous. The lake surrounding the 13th green is empty right now and looks aesthetically sad.

A lot of tricky holes here if you’ve never played it before so I highly recommend playing with someone who has. I had a good round so it did not feel quite as gimmicky as it has during my early visits, but you’re going to find some very unusual holes here that will test your nerve as well as your game. Just expect it. But there are also some very stunningly beautiful holes here, like the par 3 7th, that will make it all worth it.