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Golf Course Review Primm Valley Golf Club DESERT Primm Nevada

Primm Valley Golf Club (Desert)

Golf Course Review Primm Valley Golf Club DESERT Primm Nevada

Reviewed by: rob1563, Las Vegas
Played on Saturday 5/9 with a high school golf coach buddy and his friends for $65. We waited on a few holes early with a twosome in front of us, and was waved through a slow foursome around 12 to finish around 3:30.

C19 adjustments: max 4 in the pro shop (same group); can pay online or at the course; separate carts unless same household; no restaurant but they set up an outside BBQ (at the turn for Lakes, but no way for Desert, either before or after the round); no sand on carts but they had coolers with 2 bottles of water; 1 side of the range was open; no flags on practice green; short game area open;
cups are reversed.

The Review

Golf Playing Conditions 5.95 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 5.95 GOOD

1st time on Desert and I’m liking it. It has a Coyote Springs Lite vibe to it (different designers). Conditions are good, but not great. Tee boxes have some knobs, especially on the par 3s. Fairways were fast and firm, with no hardpan or thin areas. Rough was about 1 inch, a little thicker/longer around the greens. Sand, a bit hard and heavy, which doesn’t fit the design; there’s some small deep bunkers that are impossible with the current setup. The greens. How I want to love the greens, but they were on the medium speed side with some bumps. Practice green was faster.

Staff was great. Easy check in. Friendly starter. Only saw the drink cart once, as she was working both courses, luckily it was around 9. Cart barn guys/girls at the end of the round to drive your cart back from the parking lot if you wish.

Final Thoughts

This course has such great bones/potential. It’s a Fazio design for $65 when the other Fazios courses in Vegas start at $500. It was the only course open for a couple of weeks, but now there’s plenty of tee times available. I loved the course, trying not to say it’s better than Lakes (recency bias) but they’re pretty equal. Wish it was about $20 less right now considering the 1 hour drive for me.