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Golf Course Review Sterling Hills Golf Club Camarillo California

Sterling Hills Golf Club

Golf Course Review Sterling Hills Golf Club Camarillo California

Reviewed by: JohnnyGK, Thousand Oaks
My first round in 9 weeks and my first experience with golf COVID-19. Teeing off at 12:30pm Monday 5/10 joined by GDR23, Kviser and RGM2525 we had a super time.

Pulling in I’ve never seen so many cars in the Sterling Hills Golf Club parking lot on a Monday non-holiday weekday. Upon walking up to the clubhouse I noticed it was closed off the public entrance with open doors and check-in taking place at the cart staging area. We chose to walk but had someone in our group had a physical issue they could have opted for a cart.

Range balls were available for players with mats and spacing on the range.

At the first tee was a staff member with mask and gloves on giving us guidance. Out on the golf course mask was not required and pins had the foam pool noodle insert about halfway down the cups to allow the ball to drop. No rakes in the bunkers nor ball washers as expected. Personally I hardly felt COVID-19 disrupted all day as a walker plus I got great exercise on a golf course I almost always ride.

Felt amazing to be playing with friends on a beautiful day on a fun track.

The Review

Golf Playing Conditions 6.39 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.39 GOOD

Conditions were overall very good.

Greens mostly soft, rolling smooth at about medium speed.

Fairways mostly lush with some minor dry areas and good coverage all around. The fairways were a blend of warm and cool temp turf so I would expect a minor transition period moving into the summer months.

The rough is mostly kikuyu with mixtures of other grasses and mostly lush. There are many elevated greens and tight pin placements so be glad you spent all that time in COVID-19 backyard quarantine with your lob wedge!

Bunkers had quality sand with some containing non-raked footprints (no rakes makes that understandable).

Tee boxes (played the blues) had good coverage. Little inconsistent from box to box as far as levelness and turf height but overall in good shape.

The Bottom-Line

4 ½ hour pace a play with a little bit of waiting.

I took a bunch of photos of the golf course I encourage you to check out here on GK.

Looking forward to my next round at Sterling Hills already.