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Golf Course Review Rustic Canyon Golf Course Moorpark California

Rustic Canyon Golf Course

Golf Course Review Rustic Canyon Golf Course Moorpark California

Reviewed by:     GDR23, Thousand Oaks

Golf Playing Conditions 7.18 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 7.18 GREAT

Had a 18 hole playing lesson this morning with a student. 3rd out in perfect weather after the early morning chill. POP 3 hr 50 riding.

The greens today reminded me some of when this course first opened. Fast, firm yet holding higher compressed irons with spin. Hard to believe that they verticut and sanded 5 days ago. These greens were awesome! Rating them a 8/10. I can see these greens getting into the 9 /10 range soon.

Fairways are still visibly green with decent coverage. They are becoming firmer as the colder weather approaches–just like this course is supposed to play–links style. Fairway rating 7/10

Tees were nice and level with good coverage. 7.5/10

Today we were able to throw some extra balls in some of the bunkers. Most of the bunkers were firm like they usually are here. Some of the bunkers were wet like they had the sprinklers on or near some of the traps before the course opened.

Green-side rough is still beautiful with the fairway rough being more unpredictable.

I saw a lot of maintenance workers this morning which I always like to see working on the course.

If you love great challenging green complexes give Rustic a try. For sure the maintenance yellow alert can be removed.

Highly would recommend this course. My student who is also a men’s club member loves playing out here.