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Golf Course Review The Club at Sunrise Las Vegas Nevada

The Club at Sunrise

Golf Course Review The Club at Sunrise Las Vegas Nevada

Reviewed by: noeldaof, Antelope Valley
Fist time playing here on 01/27/19.

Playing Conditions 6.90 GOOD
Playing Conditions 6.90 GOOD

Beautiful day for golf- sunny skies, no wind and temps were at mid to high 60s. We couldn’t ask for a better day on a midwinter outing.

The course is located in the east most part of Las Vegas, just on the other side of Royal Links Golf Club. Not exactly Summerlin like of a town but they have golf courses here. They’ve built this course alongside a wash or river, but I doubt the water is clean. There were no trees in play and a little lake on the front nine. The staff here were all very nice and accommodating, kind and helpful.

What they’ve done to the course’s grass: it was sprayed with some type of color green that made it looked good against some dormant grass areas that surrounds the fairways, greens and teeing grounds. The rich deep green color looks good in contrast, but the green coloring will rub onto the ball.

The Review

As far as the course played, the fairways had lots of roll as it was or we think it was almost dried out. The divots from our irons on fairways were a telltale as the pieces crumbles to dust with our shots!

The greens were hard and not as easy to hold on longer approaches, but okay with the high soft shots.

Teeing grounds were good though some spots were hard to place a tee on. Could it have been too dry? We didn’t know.

The bunkers were hard pan underneath a quarter inch sand layer with the same color. The sand quality varies from fine sand in one bunker and more grainy type on another. Needless to say the consistency isn’t there so after two sand shots from green-side bunkers and one fairway bunker, I really made an effort not to get into anymore of them.

No beverage cart here that day, but the bar’s tab for a six-pack of beers to take on the course was only $25. We thought that was a good deal in Vegas. Also, GolfNow charged each of us $45.49 a player. A good rate, by the way, it’s also easy to score well here as long as you are careful not to dunk shots in the river or wash and if I did, I wouldn’t retrieve it.

All in all it was an okay experience.

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