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Golf Course Review Tierra Rejada Golf Club Moorpark California

Tierra Rejada Golf Club

Golf Course Review Tierra Rejada Golf Club Moorpark California

Reviewed by: GDR23, Thousand Oaks

Golf Playing Conditions 6.89 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.89 GOOD

Rode the blues this morning 1/13/2020 on a beautiful colder morning with little to no wind. POP was great thanks to the starter letting me tee off on the back nine first to avoid multiple groups that were on holes 1 and 2.

Conditions were similar to my last round out here about 3 weeks ago.

The greens once again were the highlight of the show. Super quick putting and chipping wise yet holding beautifully with well struck irons with spin. They had some really challenging pins this morning where you could see putts struck a little to firm rolling a good 6 feet or so by the hole. Green rating 8.5/10.

Fairways were mostly green. Would say 70 percent lush, 30 percent thin. Didn’t have a bad lie in the fairway. Rated 7/10

Tees were positioned at the back of every tee box which was cool and gave other areas a chance to heal. Most tees were level where you could find a good spot. Rated 7/10

Rough was mostly mowed down in a uniform fashion. Some of the rough is lush, some spots thinner. Rated 6.5/10

Sand bunkers have improved some. They are actually all raked and maintained beautifully, they just need more sand overall in the green=side traps. Rated 6/10.

Course is super fun to play with some nice tight tee shots, forced carries, lakes and a good portion of ESA’s to navigate. Some nice birdie holes and some challenging holes as well.