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Golf Course Review Torrey Pines Golf Course NORTH San Diego California

Torrey Pines Golf Course (North)

Golf Course Review Torrey Pines Golf Course NORTH San Diego California

Reviewed by: weber2323, San Diego, CA

Golf Playing Conditions 5.87 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 5.87 GOOD

Went off a little before 7 and finished in 4:15. Check in was smooth and the fence is fixed in the range so that is now open. The practice green by the range is still not open yet.

Greens are in fantastic shape and they are rolling very quick. I raced several putts well by the hole. A few too many fresh and old ball marks that were not repaired properly but with the amount of play it gets I expect this.

Fairway are nice. Mowed nice and great to hit from. There are probably a few areas that need to be addressed but I don’t remember any one in our group having an issue from a bad break.

Rough is not the place you want to be. It is thick and I was told it was thicker last week. I almost lost my first shot. One guy in our group lost 2 on the first 9 and I swear I saw both of them but never could find it when we got there. This is probably why rounds will take longer due to searching for errant shots.

I was in a couple of bunkers. The green side bunkers are great, nice sand and freshly raked. The 2 fairway bunkers were quite the opposite. There were weeds growing in it. Didn’t look like it had been raked in quite a while which resulted in golfers giving up on raking their footprints (yes I found one).

Tees are pretty good. I noticed some of the forward tees seemed like the grass was still growing in.

Overall a pleasant experience and well worth the resident fee.