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#GolfCourseReview @TorreyPinesGCSD #Golf #SOUTH #SanDiego #California

GCR4-Wednesday Golf Course Review Greenskeeper.Org

Torrey Pines Golf Course (South)

San Diego, CA

#GolfCourseReview @TorreyPinesGCSD #Golf #SOUTH #SanDiego #California

Reviewed by: sdscratchorbust, San Diego
Played here Sunday afternoon POP: 4:15

Playing Conditions 6.84Torrey South in all of it’s glory. Torrey is back! Luckily they recently mowed the rough so you have a chance now. Wow, Tiger wasn’t kidding when he said that no scratch golfer could break 100 on this course with US open conditions. After playing North with 5 – 6 inch rough I was prepared for a beat down luckily it was a fair test.

Wow this course is in unbelievable condition heading into the Farmers. The rough is still a fierce 3 – 4 inches in some spots but you have a chance to play out of it. Anything lower than a 7 iron has absolutely no chance and you need a favorable lie and some muscle to even hit a 7 iron out it. The rough is lush as lush can be.

Fairways are great. The bunkers were a little harder packed then usual it didnt appear they dried over the day. I had one lie on basically hard packed mud which wasn’t too fun.

The greens are rolling. Wow they are deceptively quick. They are fast and firm you better spin it and be accurate. Even after playing this course 10+ times these greens are still insanely difficult to read. Making any putt over 8 feet here is a gift as the cups are not forgiving you have to center cup them even 4 footers have unseen breaks.

Greens are perfect, tee boxes are level and perfect. If you want green on green come play Torrey right now. It doesn’t get much better than this right now.

If you miss the fairway good luck salvaging a par as you cannot spin it out of the rough or even intermediate cut. Hit your approach on the wrong tier you can forget par.

Get out there and test your game with epic conditions right now!