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Golf Course Review Turkey Creek Golf Club Lincoln California

Turkey Creek Golf Club

Lincoln, CA

Reviewed by: jonnyincali, Galt, CA

Playing Conditions 7.15 GREAT
Playing Conditions 7.15 GREAT

A unique track in the Sacramento-Roseville area as it a blend of open holes and target golf.

Customer Service is outstanding; nice touch that they run a cart out to your car upon arrival. Pro shop is well stocked; friendly staff. Nice grass driving range. My only complaint in this area is the tee times at 8 min apart does slow down play on a Saturday.

On course staff was friendly, beer cart up and running. Course conditions- Fairways were in great shape. A few tee boxes chewed up a little but still in good shape overall. Bunkers had decent amount of sand, which is rare in the Sacramento area.

This course requires a lot of thinking and planning. Multiple clubs can be played off the tee.
Had a nice time despite pace of play being a little on the slow side.