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Golf Course Review Verrado Golf Club FOUNDERS Buckeye Arizona

Verrado Golf Club (Founders)

Buckeye, AZ

Reviewed by: Nickesquire, Rancho Mirage, CA

Golf Playing Conditions 7.41 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 7.41 GREAT

Rode the Silvers (6833/71.9/130), playing 36 holes as a single in 5H. The weather was clear and hot, 116 when I finished @ 530pm.

I had planned on playing both courses, but passed on Victory after finding over that they punched their greens about 10 days ago. Founders was punched about 3 weeks ago and was 95% healed.

I like desert golf and John Fought designs, so it’s not shocking that I really liked this course. Tom Lehman was a co-designer, first experience on one of his courses.

Some tight holes, but nothing too bad. Many holes have upscale homes around them, but they are far enough away that they blend in and are not noticeable. Some big traps to avoid and desert scape no mans land surrounds almost every hole.

This course featured 17 3/4 holes of good to excellent golf. Hole 13’s green being the exception. Short, 291 yard par 4 from the Silvers, severely uphill.

For those of you familiar with Rustic Canyon, this green was a combination of the worst features of the greens on holes 12 & 15 @ RC. The pin was on top of a severe mound that would remind you of #12 @ Rustic Canyon, except larger. The big difference is that on #12 @ Rustic, you just roll down to a flat area if you miss the table top. This green had a front like #15 @ Rustic, where you could run a putt or chip a few feet by a pin close to the slope and end up 30 yards down the hill in the fairway. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience!

The Bermuda tees were mostly lush and well maintained. Same for the fairways.

First time in awhile I have played in Bermuda rough that was allowed to grow up. The ball usually sat down, and anything but whacking it out and trying to advance it maybe 125 yards was usually out of the question. I dropped out from a sprinkler and the ball sat down so much in about 4″ tall rough I was lucky to gorilla a SW back into the fairway.

The Bermuda greens were firm and medium speed. I had a hard time with the speeds even the 2nd time through.

The customer service was excellent from everyone. Cart gal out making the rounds. All grass range with complementary balls, nice practice area. Many tees are a long ways from the last green, so even if it was not scorching, it would be a challenge to walk. Definitely recommended.

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