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Recent Golf Course Review Hidden Valley Golf Club Norco California

Hidden Valley Golf Club

Norco, CA

Reviewed by: sparky14, San Clemente

Golf Playing Conditions 5.57 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 5.57 GOOD

Played Hidden Valley at sunrise on 08/07. I’m puzzled by recent poor reviews as I think this course is quite awesome for the price. My review is based on the early start – so we played a lot of the course prior to daily maintenance.

Greens are plush, wet and very soft. Footprint and tire tracks are a problem, but everything still rolls pretty well. I suspect they are keeping them wet and longer than usual due to the summer heat. Once fall arrives, and they can start cutting them short, these greens should be excellent.

Fairways are pretty good all around. Rough is interesting – some areas are bare, some are easy to play out of, and then some of the rough is 3-4 inches of brutal grass that eats golf balls. Hint, don’t go in there.

Tee boxes are the worst issue here, as many of them are not level, and the grass is pretty shaggy on many of them.

The layout is a blast. Lots of elevation changes and some hidden shots. Now, if they could only fix the 60 minute drive from here to Irvine at 9:00 am….