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Golf Course Review Yocha Dehe Golf Club Brooks California

Yocha Dehe Golf Club

Golf Course Review Yocha Dehe Golf Club Brooks, CA

Reviewed by: sbarajasjr, San Diego

Golf Playing Conditions 8.39 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 8.39 GREAT

Played here 10/2 with GK member molebio (Nat) as our first stop on a quick Nor Cal visit. I had read plenty about Yocha on Keith’s blog and various other sites but I was still blown away. The moment you know it’s a Troon property, you expect something nice and just like Classic Club or Maderas, I was not disappointed. This place just screams class and the course was spectacular. I won’t gush too much now, however it quickly became a personal favorite. A note on the review…It rained a fair amount before our tee time and we got quick a soaking from a cell overhead that eventually passed, so fair thee warned that this was taken into consideration.

The Review

Tee boxes: Good shape overall. A really great mix of tee options for skill levels of all types. A fair amount of turf to place the tees and although the rain made the ground soft, it was very playable.

Fairways: Wonderful condition. If they drain and play this well in pouring rain, I can only imagine how amazing they must be in high season. Cut perfectly and the cut patterns were visually stunning. Consistency of the grass was also excellent. Can’t fault the course for rain, but you can praise their staff for doing a great job of avoiding standing water and performing preventative maintenance to make sure the course was playable in that kind of weather.

Rough: No joke, this grass was Torrey tough. It was thick and sticky, with the height enough to hide a white golf ball easily and quickly. It was penal and brutal.

Sand: Unfortunately you can prepare everything else on the course to drain a bit except for the bunkers, so the rain made the sand into oatmeal and shot shaping was nearly impossible. I get the feeling these bunkers are normally pearly white sand that’s the perfect consistency.

Greens: Excellent condition. Again, given the rain, they ran very quick and even on roll. They were a beautiful green color and the undulation was challenging.

Parting Thoughts

ETC: Everything about this property was amazing. The staff is what you would expect from Troon; attentive, courteous, and friendly. From bag drop to club cleanup, the staff at Yocha we’re the cherry on a delicious sundae. The carts were great with good GPS. Water in coolers as well as fridges everywhere on the course. What more can be said about the layout; one of my favorites. Highly recommend anyone who can make the trip and play here, you will not be disappointed.