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Half Moon Bay Golf Links Awarded Best Playing Conditions 2017

Best Playing Conditions 2017 Half Moon Bay Golf Links - Northern California

Greenskeeper.Org Awards Half Moon Bay Golf Links – Northern California’s Best Playing Conditions 2017

Greenskeeper.Org "Know Before You Go®"
Greenskeeper.Org “Know Before You Go®”

Congratulations to Half Moon Bay Golf Links for winning Best Playing Conditions 2017 for Northern California.

Not to be confused with “Worth the Green Fee,” “Best Playing Conditions” is awarded to golf courses open to the public listed on that stand out above the rest with our site users at providing consistently the best greens, fairways, rough, tee boxes and bunkers around.

The job of the superintendent is the life blood of the golf course industry and most important contributing factor to enjoying a golf experience.  It takes enormous dedication, resources and expertise by a superintendent and their staff to provide excellent turf conditions.  A golf course is a living, breathing organism whose health is constantly in flux.’s trademark and creed, “Know Before You Go”®, centers on communicating these current playing conditions. The rating system used on is in part created by superintendents.

How Awards Winners Are Determined

Golf Course reviews and ratings submitted by our 70,000+ community are tabulated over 12 months. Winners are determined for each area.

We divide awards into 11 sections —  Inland Empire, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Palm Springs Area, San Diego County, Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, Southern California, Central California, Northern California and Southern Nevada.

Greenskeeper.Org Awarded For the Good of the Game Award 2017 by the CGCOA
Greenskeeper.Org Awarded For the Good of the Game Award 2017 by the CGCOA

Editor’s Note:  Johnny GK and Greenskeeper.Org has been recognized by the California Golf Course Owners Association as Good for the Game of Golf in 2017.  Shows you that both golfers and golf course operators understand the benefit of working with Greenskeeper.Org.  We are the RESOURCE where avid and casual golfers come to make their decision where to play their next round.  “Know Before You Go”® with Greenskeeper.Org.  You’ll be glad you did.

Half Moon Bay Golf Links

Ocean Course

mpisarski01Posted: 07/24/17 4:13p
Member Since: Feb 11, 2012
From: Costa Mesa

Enjoyed my 100th Course played by choosing The Ocean Course at Half Moon Bay. This course is a links style course over looking the water and we got the full links/ open championship treatment with fog, mist, and wind during our morning round.

The Review

The Course was in top condition with the Golf Now AM tour teeing off right after us. Tough pins and tall rough. All of the greens were perfect and consistent.

Playing Conditions 9.18 IMMACULATE
Playing Conditions 9.18 IMMACULATE

They had some tough pin locations on course due to the tournament and that didnt help our scores much but after learning the speeds nothing was too terrible.

Tee’s and fairways were cut perfect and consistent throughout the course and had nothing that would take away and major ratings. The fairways are wide and leave you with plenty of options from the tee’s and with the course not being overly long you can choose to layup.

The rough is quite the beast on this course it was wet from the fog/mist and caused your club to grab hard on all shots out of the rough. If you go too far you will fine the Fescu which was cut to about 5 inches and was not super thick to were you could not find your ball but long enough to make you think twice before blasting out of it.

The only down side of this course is hole 15-18 share a public path to the beach from the Ritz Carlton on site. These people are all over the place and the path is parallel with the holes . If you go offline you can easily take out a person. Also they are not quiet as most are on vacation and talk very loud as you are trying to hit.

The Bottom-line

Overall it is an amazing place to play with the views of the ocean on many of the holes (If its not foggy) and well worth the reasonable price of $140. I will be back.

Old Course

Posted: 06/09/16 9:30p
Member Since: Sep 22, 2014
From: San Francisco

Playing Conditions 8.03 GREAT
Playing Conditions 8.03 GREAT

First time playing the Old Course yesterday. In general, the course is well maintained. Fairway ways are green and the greens are in excellent shape. However, the bunkers are in poor shape: they are either have little sand, hard pan, or under repair. For the price they charge, there are no GPS on carts and no complimentary bottled water on the course. Another issue is that houses are very close to the fairways ans seems like your see more backyards than fairways.

The course is not too difficult to play. The #18 signature hole offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and with the Ritz Carlton in the background. The tee shot is quite intimating.

The green fees are quite pricey, unless your can get a very good deal, otherwise, play somewhere else.