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Recap: GK Guru Visit Tierra Rejada Golf Club Moorpark California

Tierra Rejada Golf Club Moorpark California

Tierra Rejada Golf Club

Moorpark, CA

Reviewed by: GDR23, Thousand Oaks

Playing Conditions 6.32 GOOD
Playing Conditions 6.32 GOOD

Rode the Blues this morning 5/29/2018 for a GK guru round teeing off at 10:05am with JohnnyGK, MrKich and Barkydog. POP was 4 hrs 40 minutes. Weather was beautiful low 70’s with maybe a 1 club breeze on the back nine. Had not played out here in 15 months. Tierra Rejada’s range is closed for a couple weeks as they are fixing the fence around the range. They have a very huge and sloped putting green and a separate nice smaller chipping green. Down below on their range they also have a nice short game chipping area with a practice bunker.

The greens were very shiny green, soft and were putting medium speed. They had some minor poa circles creeping in that could effect putts. For the most part the greens ran true. We fixed a couple ballmarks here and there. Green rating 7/10.

The fairways were more lush than thin. 75/25 lush to thin. Some divot damage in the low lying and common areas like #10 fairway. I thought they were in pretty darn good shape. It gets hot in this area and it looks like the course is trying to water where they can. Fairway rating 7/10

The tees were semi-lush with mostly level teeing grounds. There were a few tees where you had to spend time hunting for a stance but you could always almost find it. Some divot damage on the par 3 tees that I tried my best to fill in with sand. Rating 6.5/10.

The rough was low in most places just off the fairway and high in others like where my buddy was just off of #1 fairway. The further you got off the fairway the rougher and less predictable it got. Rated 6/10

Was in one greenside bunker on #7 that contained raked firmer sand.

The layout here is an interesting one on the front–very hilly elevated tee boxes with small target landing areas. I think the front is tougher and has a lot more character than the back nine. It’s 2 different golf courses. Some fun character holes on the back as well like 11 and 14. Better hit it real straight here to score.

Its only a mile from home so for sure I will be back on birthday rounds or rounds that I can land a deal on. Recommended for a fun and challenging option in the area.