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Recent Golf Course Review Rhodes Ranch Golf Club Las Vegas Nevada

Rhodes Ranch Golf Club

Las Vegas, NV

Reviewed by: kevbig, Las Vegas
Had a buddy in town visiting so we got out to RR early Monday morning at 7:15. Check-in at the shop was quick, friendly, and efficient. Their outside services had several people out sick that morning so one poor guy was pulling carts, loading bags, & starting all by himself. Despite all that he was really friendly and things were running on time. Kudos to him!

The Review

Golf Playing Conditions 7.28 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 7.28 GREAT

Tees- Above average coverage with only one box that I can remember not being flat. Normal damage on the par 3s and short 4s.

Fairways- Really lush and full coverage as is to be expected right around March Madness in Vegas. Cut semi-tight allowing for some nice roll out.

Rough- Lush and pretty thick. Balls could easily sit down and require some strength to get back into play.

Bunkers- Was in a couple and they had nice soft sand. Didn’t see any issues with other players in the group either.

Greens- I’d say they were above average as well. Different mixes of grasses that gives that splotchy look. Some greens early in the morning were bumpy but that might have been an issue of maintenance not getting to them yet because as the day went on, they got progressively smoother and quicker. They held well and were rolling at a medium pace.

My Humble Opinion

Overall RR is a fun track to play. Beware though houses are on the majority of holes. Most are set back far enough as to not be an issue but I can definitely see some wayward shots sending some warning shots across the bow. The layout itself is a nice mix of holes. You have reachable par 5’s except #9 which is 571 yds from the blacks. Par 4’s are a nice variety of longer holes and shorter risk/reward challenges. Par 3’s are really fun. Although they’re all similar in distance, they are all very fun and picturesque. One is all carry over a lake and another is surrounded on both sides by sand and waterfalls. Really strong set of par 3’s in my opinion. Saw the beverage cart out a few times. RR doesn’t get the acclaim as some of the other courses in the valley, but I’d highly recommend it and you can usually get some good deals here unlike many other courses in Vegas.