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Recent Golf Course Review Torrey Pines Golf Course (NORTH) San Diego California

Torrey Pines Golf Course (North)

San Diego, CA

Reviewed by: weber2323, San Diego, CA

Golf Playing Conditions 7.91 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 7.91 GREAT

Was 3rd off yesterday and the pace was fantastic. Finished in less than 4 hours and the group behind us was teeing off on 14 as we were walking up 17. I’m not sure if they let someone play through but even as we finished on 18 there was no one on 17.

I think the rains from last week slowed down the pace and firmness of the greens so that took some adjustments. Balls didn’t roll out as much on approach shots and my first couple of putts were pretty short. They were still great however and will probably get quicker as the weather is turning nicer this week. So its probably back to “normal” later this week.

Fairways I probably shouldn’t rate as I was playing out of the rough for most of the day. However they did provide some roll. A few places of divot damage but nothing too bad. Don’t really remember any bad spots in the fairway thou so overall very nice to hit from.

Rough was not too penalizing although the ball could sit down. I was able to get some hybrids on a few shots since the ball was sitting up. You’ll find a few dead spots out there and some lush spots.

Found a couple of bunkers and was in the fairway bunker on 7 and that sand was so soft. My feet basically sunk right in but that was the exception. Other bunkers I played seemed pretty normal, not too soft and not too compact.

Tee boxes were normal. Plenty of room to tee it up even on par 3 and all seemed to be generally level.