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Recent Golf Course Review Torrey Pines Golf Course SOUTH San Diego California

Torrey Pines Golf Course (South)

Golf Course Review Torrey Pines Golf Course SOUTH San Diego California

Reviewed by: sbarajasjr, San Diego

Played here today (12/19) with a 1pm twilight tee time and got about 15 solid holes in before the darkness gave way. South is well on its way to being ready for the Farmers in every way possible, from grandstand setup to course conditions. Today was by far the thickest I have seen the rough in the 25+ times I’ve played and it was every bit as tough as you can imagine.

The Review

Golf Playing Conditions 7.12 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 7.12 GREAT

Tee boxes: Excellent shape. As anyone who plays here knows, guys love to try the tips and today was no different, so the green and taupe boxes were clean. Didn’t have any issues driving the tee into the turf and the ground was solid, mowed level and tight.

Fairways: A joy to hit from and visually stunning. It’s clear when the City steps up the maintenance work before the pros come in January. They didn’t offer tremendous roll as they were a bit damp, but not a bad lie all day!

Rough: Hell. As mentioned before, I’ve never personally seen it this thick and with this many grass clippings blanketing the course. I’m surprised pace wasn’t any slower as everyone was having a hard time locating balls that I with 20/15 vision couldn’t see feet away from me. Bullish and thick-headed players got hilariously humbled and that was a treat in itself.

Bunkers: Perhaps the weakest part of the course today and they were still good. Some had damp areas but even the three I was in had enough sand to get out of. With a new batch of sand, these will be perfect.

Greens: Near perfect. The tourists in my group couldn’t believe how green they were considering we don’t get much rain. They were rolling extremely fast, with smooth and tricky breaks. The pros will be in for a treat!

Final Thought

ETC: Starter was friendly. Cart attendant came around three times and was also friendly, even as the prices for everything were usual Torrey. Pace of play was excellent today and was set to be just under 4.5 hours, which for here is mindbogglingly quick. Course currently is Cart Path Only (CPO) sadly but if you can get out, do so!!