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UPDATED: FREE Birthday Golf

FREE Birthday Golf

We all can honestly say we all love FREE. If you’re an avid golfer like me (playing 24+ rounds of golf per year), golf is a passion unparalleled. (If my wife reads this I will catch hell for writing this.) Golf is a way of life.

Greenskeeper.Org Golf Birthday Deals

Put FREE and Golf together it’s literally music to this avid golfer’s ears. So if you’re like me check out the latest updated FREE Birthday Golf page here on and Blog.Greenskeeper.Org. Click HERE to check out the latest updates.

Celebrate your birthday with a FREE Round of golf. Of if you’re actually keen on playing golf until your hands and back ache; celebrating your birthday, check out what other like-minded golfers have done — for inspiration of course.

FREE Birthday GOLF Ideas

FREE Birthday Golf Cake
FREE Birthday GOLF

Just a shout out to the Crossings, for the very generous birthday gift. Took advantage of their free round on my birthday today. Played with a father older son pair, teeing off at 6:45am for a 4.5 hour round. Don and Gordon were great to play with, and made me feel comfortable joining their every Sunday morning round. 

The amazing thing is the round was completely free, didn’t have to pay for anything. Included GPS equipped cart. The feeling from the bag drop, locker room, starter to marshals was private club like. Rack rate for my round was $110. . . .

Thanks GK for turning me onto the BIRTHDAY GOLF.

Grantar2 April 24, 2016

FREE Birthday Golf: EXTREME

And Yet Others are a tad more extreme.

Happy birthday to me… going to experience first hand exactly what benefits different courses provide on B-Day rounds. 

Have cleared my schedule and am playing every day this week M-F, taking advantage of numerous B-Day rounds this week and next. So anyone who would like to hook up this week, here is the schedule….

Tuesday AM Mile Square Players walking on early. Tuesday PM Mile Square Classic, 207pm with Stickboy & Dconnally.

Wed AM Legends 720am with Rat-Patrol. Wed PM Dos Lagos walking on, currently wide open after 2.

Thur AM Shorecliffs probably walking on early. Thur PM Crossings @ Carlsbad probably walking on late. Both courses currently wide open but will only pair me up with less than a 4some after they book, no single bookings.

Staying overnight in S.D., then Fri AM 657a @ Riverwalk.  Fri PM 145p @ Riverview.

This week, I am playing a bunch of courses I have either never played or have not played in decades, so should be fun experiences…

Nickesquire May 4 2015