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COMING SOON: Presents the WORTH THE GREEN FEE Awards for 2019

COMING SOON: Worth the Green Fee 2019 Awards

Worth the Green Fee AWARDS is pleased to announce the tally is in for 2019. Find out our community picks for the Golf Courses voted Worth the Green Fee.  Stay tuned.  

Golfers; Your opinion matters.  Your golf course reviews and ratings over the course of the year help us determine Worth the Green Fee honors.

How Awards Winners Are Determined

Golf Course reviews and ratings submitted by our 78,000+ community are tabulated over 12 months. Winners are determined for each area.

We divide awards into 11 sections —  San Diego County, Palm Springs, Inland Empire, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, Central California, Northern California and Southern Nevada.

Greenskeeper.Org Awarded For the Good of the Game Award 2017 by the CGCOA


Greenskeeper.Org Awarded For the Good of the Game Award 2017 by the CGCOA

We provide the list in no particular order.  This is done on purpose.  Any golf course that provides outstanding conditions in their region should not overshadow other golf courses simply because of their location.  For most avid golfers, the playing experience is what matters.  Knowing where to play in your area is important.

Editor’s Note:  Johnny GK and Greenskeeper.Org has been recognized by the California Golf Course Owners Association as Good for the Game of Golf in 2017.  Shows you that both golfers and golf course operators understand the benefit of working with Greenskeeper.Org.  We are the RESOURCE where avid and casual golfers come to make their decision where to play their next round.  “Know Before You Go”® with Greenskeeper.Org.  You’ll be glad you did.

Stay tuned.  We will be posting this year’s Awards soon.