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FREE Birthday Golf: Celebrate on the Cheap

FREE Birthday Golf Specials

Birthday Golf:  Celebrate with a FREE round of Golf

Golfers celebrate your birthday with a round of golf!  You took time off from work.  You cleared your calendar for that special day.  You even have permission from your significant other to escape with your buddies for a round of golf on your birthday.  Now what do you do?  Look no further.  Find out how to get the most bang for your hard earned buck.  

FREE Birthday Golf Specials

This question is asked often on the forums at  I have posted about it here on the GK Blog.  In fact it was the topic of one of our more popular forum threads at GK.  So popular it inspired a Member (GKer) to compile a list.  (Much thanks to GKer KonaExpress for following his gut and compiling the list.)  Then a few weeks later the FREE Birthday Golf List also known as the FREE Birthday Golf Specials page was born.

So what is the Birthday Golf Specials page?  It’s a FREE Birthday Golf List to play FREE golf on or around your birthday.  It’s an exhaustive listing of all participating golf courses in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and Washington that offer free golf on your birthday.

That is the short answer.

Now the Long Answer

Google “Free Birthday Golf” and you will be amazed at how many golf related websites ask question:  Where they can get FREE Golf on their Birthday.  Everyone has a few but the list is often incomplete and outdated.  It’s a starting point but honestly some of the advice is either too far or not in your area to make much of a difference.

To illustrate, check out some of these forum posts from other websites:  Folks in Canada are always up for free rounds of golf on their birthday even in the snow.  Midwesterners are looking for free golf.  Other niche golf related sites talk about it.  Social Media is not immune — Facebook and Twitter.  Even golf instruction websites talk about finding free golf on their birthday.

What you need is a source that provides a comprehensive list.  It’s not enough to simply type in a few choice key words into a web browser and have it spit out an answer.  You desire information relevant to you and where you want to play golf next.  That is what this Golf Birthday Specials list offers.  It’s the most current listing of golf course operators that offer you free golf on your birthday.

At we are here for the Regular Joe Golfer.

The Birthday Specials List is free.  It’s available right now.  (Be sure to check the links listed below.)  We do however feel that

FREE Birthday Golf Specials
FREE Birthday Golf Specials offers you a lot of incentives to become a member.  This is just one of the many.  If you are interested in joining the community here at you can read a little more about it here; even read about what others are saying about  Membership is FREE.

Membership drive aside, consider this, the FREE Birthday Golf List is a tool.  And just like any tool in your tool box it fulfills a need.  In this case where you can find the best deal for your round of golf on your birthday.  It is unlike other websites that tout a list of free golf on your birthday.  The plain fact is that this list of Birthday Golf Specials is updated often so that makes it relevant and useful.  You have a better chance of finding a golf course here that can fit your needs compared to other places.  Use our Golf Course Finder to help locate golf courses in your area that offer the free birthday golf as well as keep up-to-date on golf course maintenance.  Nothing worse than playing golf for free on your birthday AFTER they aerated the greens.

All golf courses that participate are listed by state and indexed to make it easy to find your golf course.  If a course is not listed be sure to let us know.  Our staff will confirm the existence of the special on their website and if that information is there they will call the golf course to confirm the deal exists as well as the details of the deal. defines FREE birthday golf as a golf course operator that first lists the deal on their website with their conditions.  And as the word FREE implies the round of golf for the birthday boy or girl is free on their birthday.  This is not a discounted rate.  FREE means free.

On an aside, savvy golf course operators use the appeal of free golf to expand their audience.  As they view it, it opens the golfer to the possibility to playing a golf course they would not normally play and bring a few buddies in the process.  If they like the conditions of the course they may pass on those favorable words whenever other golfers ask them where to play their next round of golf.  Don’t take my word for it.  Advice coming from a credible source or even “word of mouth” comments have a lot of traction for marketing and savvy golf course operators take heed.

Don’t believe us.  You can do things the hard way.  But why when that information is here.  It’s current.  It’s relevant and you can decide where to play your next round of golf.  Throw in the fact we have current golf course reviews written by credible golfers like yourself that describe what their round of golf was like at the course you may want to play, it’s a winning combination — a powerful 1-2-3 punch.  It takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation.

How can you use this Birthday Specials List?

You now know why the Birthday Golf Specials list is so fantastic.  Here are some suggestions on how you can use this list to your benefit.

Think of the Birthday Golf Specials list as keys to the kingdom.  Work it right and you can play some really great, premium daily-fee golf courses FREE.  Couple that with the golf course reviews at and you can make some pretty informed choices on where to play your next birthday round.

If you haven’t heard about this list well you’re in luck.  Now you can benefit from my personal experience using the Birthday Golf Specials page as well as one extreme golfer:  Nickesquire.

Here is some inspiration.

Tustin Ranch Golf ClubA buddy’s birthday was coming up last year and we honestly did not know where to play golf.  We knew we did; just not where.  We knew we could get out on his birthday but we didn’t have a clue where to play.  Enter the Birthday Golf Specials list from  Using the latest golf course reviews and the Birthday Golf Specials List we were able to narrow it down to a single golf course — Tustin Ranch Golf Club.

For those of you who don’t know where Tustin Ranch is located, it’s in Tustin, California just behind the “Orange Curtain.”  It’s a higher-end daily fee golf course that sports some really great golf over 6800 yards.  Tustin places the bar high on customer service and it shows.  Staff and management greet you with a smile and take care of you.  It was a nice touch for my buddy’s birthday.  Frankly it was a great change of pace from playing municipals and the golf conditions were fabulous.  Now, whenever someone asks about where to play some free birthday golf in the OC, Tustin is at the top of my list.  Find out more on Tustin Ranch Golf Club, check out my review and others on

Nickesquire - Avid Golfer
Nickesquire – Avid Golfer

That’s my story.

Now consider what one of’s member Nickesquire did.  Honestly this isn’t for the faint of heart but definitely an adventure.  Read on O’ intrepid explorer!

To celebrate his birthday, Nickesquire decided not to play one course but six golf courses over three days leading up to the Memorial holiday a few months ago.  It was a daunting task to say the least and the was fortunate to commemorate this event with a series of blog posts.  Find out more of his adventure in detail from the links below.  Here is the short list of the golf courses he did play to celebrate his birthday.

Mile Square Players Course -- Fountain Valley CA
Mile Square Park

Riverwalk Golf Club - San Diego CA
Riverwalk Golf club

The Crossings at Carlsbad -- Carlsbad CA
Crossings at Carlsbad

Shorecliffs Golf Course -- San Clemente CA
Shorecliffs Golf Course

Dos Lagos Golf Course - Corona CA
Dos Lagos Golf Course


The Legends Golf Club - Temecula CA
Legends Golf Club

Now we are not saying you try this at home but you can at least see how you can seriously take advantage of this great piece information.  Celebrating your birthday over a round of golf … or six is not only possible, but probable.

While few other than myself or Sixpex would go to the extreme I did last week, I would definitely encourage everyone on GK to utilize B-Day specials and enjoy/support some of your favorite courses.  . . . . Read More

Just take it from Nickesquire.

So what is stopping you?  The information is all there.  Take advantage of it.  And if you like what you see, come back, join us and write a golf course review or six and let us know how everything went.  We would love to hear from you and your experiences.  After all at our content is member generated, that means informed golfers like yourself want to share your experiences.

FREE This and FREE That:  What’s in it for Us?

Why is everything here at free?

It’s very simple.  It is our belief that although the items we offer are free they have value.  If you see that value, you will come back and visit us time and again.

Our value proposition is simple.  You come to because we have up-to-date information on the golf courses you play, or you want to play, or would consider playing if the price were right.  It is information you have come to trust; because it is written by regular golfers like you and me.  It is believed that if you visit us enough you would eventually consider joining us as a valued member of our community by posting golf course reviews, participating in our forums; being a great help as a participating member of our online community.  We value your input.  It is the foundation we have built one of the largest online golf communities.

So what do you think?  We would love to hear input from you and your experiences using our advice here.  Tell us about it.  Write a golf course review and mention this article.

What are you waiting for?  It’s your birthday!  Now go play some golf!

We’re and now “You Know Before You Go!”  Happy Birthday!

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While has made every effort to ensure the Birthday Golf Specials list is current and up-to-date; things do change.  Some golf course operators in their infinite wisdom decide to alter or discontinue their birthday golf offerings so mileage will vary.  Please consult with the golf course prior to celebrating your birthday to ensure you will get the most for your dollar or in some cases FREE round of golf.  Good Luck and Enjoy your Birthday!