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Golf Course Review Aliante Golf Club North Las Vegas Nevada

Aliante Golf Club

Golf Course Review Aliante Golf Club North Las Vegas Nevada

Reviewed by: rob1563, Las Vegas
Played on Saturday, 2/23; following a few days of snow and freezing weather. 8am tee time which was pushed back to just after 9 due to a frost delay. We were second out and cruised around with a 3:30 Pace of Play (POP).  We never saw anyone in front or behind us.

The Review

Golf Playing Conditions 6.67 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.67 GOOD

Course was in decent shape considering the cold weather with rain and snow the last few weeks.

Tee boxes mostly level.  There was a little amount of divot damage.  But a weird marker placement on the par3 #4, with the markers all the way in the back of the box with a significant uphill lie was my only complaint.

Fairways are close cut; mostly dormant Bermuda. Rough is also dormant Bermuda, but hasn’t been cut.  So expect some chances of the ball settling down and some gnarly lies.

Bunkers have seen some improvement — from horrible in the past to average Vegas type sand.

I was expecting some firm, fast frozen greens with lots of roll, but found them receptive and a medium speed.

Parting Thoughts

I think Aliante gets a bad rap due to the residential neighborhood, but the houses are mostly out of play and not as narrow as people make it out to be. I find the course to be fun, only 2 holes really repeat (#6 and #12 have really similar looks), a nice variety of par 3s (from 100 to 200 yards), and a couple of risk/reward par 4s and go for it par 5s. While it’s not a destination course, it’s a nice local course to get out on.