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Golf Course Review Torrey Pines Golf Course SOUTH San Diego California

Torrey Pines Golf Course (South)

Golf Course Review Torrey Pines Golf Course SOUTH San Diego California

ALERT: Aeration
Aeration of the greens on the South Course 4/7 & 4/8.
* Although researches all alerts before posting, we ask that you please contact the golf course for confirmation.

Reviewed by: weber2323, San Diego, CA

Golf Playing Conditions 8.45 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 8.45 GREAT

Was 2nd off yesterday and we finished a hair less than 4 hours. I looked as we finished 17 and the group behind us was finishing on 15 so they finished about 2 holes behind. With as much rain as we had during the week I thought it would be soggy out there. Other than a few areas it wasn’t as bad as I expected. The new irrigation that was installed seems to be doing the trick.

I thought the greens were pretty smooth but a tad slow. Maybe with the rain during the week and expected for the weekend and next week they weren’t able to mow them as much. They actually didn’t look like they needed mowing but we kept coming up short on many putts.

Fairways were pretty good. You can tell some of the crew had put down some mix in the divots in popular collection areas (e.g. bottom of the hill on 13). Still a few unrepaired divots but generally good to hit from.

Rough is down and I even dared to hit a 3 wood out of there. There are some thicker areas however. The morning dew did make hitting some shorter shots around the green a challenge but got better as the day went along.

Sand is still very soft. One guy in our group had 2 very very buried lies. I got lucky since one popped out of its mark. Whew.

Overall decent conditions for the time being with maintenance less than a month a way.