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Golf Course Review Escena Golf Club Palm Springs California

Escena Golf Club

Golf Course Review Escena Golf Club Palm Springs California

Reviewed by: OMRiley9880, La Verne / Palm Springs

Playing Conditions 8.63 GREAT
Playing Conditions 8.63 GREAT

Finally got out to play here again after about 9 months. My 6 year old and i played with some extended family who live in the desert. We played February 16, 2020 at a bit after 2:00 p.m. Phenomenal 80 degree day out!

Anyways, about the course – the course was absolutely wonderful (as always). Son and i showed up an hour early for our afternoon start. Hit some balls into the net, chipped some, and putted some. Short game practice area is great, but i just wish they had a real range. That said, the net is pretty decent to warm up with (compared to other nets i have hit into).

Went to hole one and the starter took off right as we were heading up to the first tee. We just teed off and had a great time.

Tee boxes were very nice. Even, though slightly shaggy fir my tastes.

Fairways were absolutely perfect. Perfect green and very few divots (all filled).

Rough was cut pretty short but very decent condition. Found desert a few times i went outside of the rough. Even the desert was playable though.

Sand was great. Fluffy, but not too fluffy. Nice white sand, too.

Greens were smooth. Different grass than I normally play, so were a bit slower than i am used to. Once I adjusted to speed, i was nothing but happy with the greens.

Clubhouse is wonderful, as always. Staff is amazing, both inside the clubhouse and out.

All in all, wonderful day and just wish i could have finished more than 14 holes (stupid short winter days). Son was beyond happy and wants to play again. Family from indio wants to play again too. Great course, and will be back for sure.