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Golf Course Review Ridge Creek Dinuba Golf Club Dinuba California

Ridge Creek Dinuba Golf Club

Golf Course Review Ridge Creek Dinuba Golf Club Dinuba California

Reviewed by: Alex326, Monterey, Ca

Golf Playing Conditions 7.26 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 7.26 GOOD

Got in a nice pre-Vegas warm up round at Ridge Creek with RGM2525. Track is in it’s usual great shape with the fairways once again stealing the show. I easily rated the fairways at an 8.5-9. And I’m proud to say that I found a lot of fairways for a complete testing for that rating.

Tee boxes weren’t far behind the fairways. Lush, level and good coverage. There are a couple of short Par 3’s at Ridge Creek so naturally those tee boxes during our mid afternoon round had some divots. Was still able to find plenty of clean area to hit from.

Sand traps will always be the weakness of valley courses. It’s no exception here. Having said that the one green-side bunker I was in I was able to get out of clean and save par. So they can’t be all that bad!

Greens…. Ridge creek has the perfect greens as far as size, undulations, softness and speed. The one down side from keeping them from a 9 or 10 is that they do often get riddled with ball marks from time to time. Today was no exception. There were a few greens where my putt was effected by a pitch mark.

POP was fine. A little bit of waiting on a couple of tees. Only because the twosome in front of us were older and not hitting it as far off the tee so we would have to wait for them to clear out. Once they were on the green they cleared out quickly.

Final Thoughts

I always enjoy Ridge Creek, not only for the good course conditions but for the off course amenities. The restaurant and clubhouse are Real buildings and make you feel like you’re at a top notch course. I ate at the restaurant before and after the round! Only place in the valley I’ll eat fish tacos!!