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Golf Course Review Torrey Pines Golf Course North San Diego California

Torrey Pines Golf Course (North)

Golf Course Review Torrey Pines Golf Course North San Diego California

Reviewed by: jjrauen, Brea
Played here, first time, on 8/13/19.

Golf Playing Conditions 5.90 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 5.90 GOOD

Overall, I thought just average conditions. Aside from some great vistas along the coastline, felt at times like we were playing any other city course in OC / LA.

Tee boxes were average to good, no real serious issues. Maintained and mostly very level.

Fairways: First, the width of fairway cut grass was very narrow, and conditions were a coin flip. Good in spots, very thin or clumpy in others. Rough was not overly penal, but was still difficult to play from, and with very narrow fairways, I played most of the round from the rough. When I did find fairway, was usually a thin lie. A little disappointing.

Greens were VERY hard, firm and mostly fast. Our group, did not fix many ball marks, as they were tough to find with the firmness, and good shots seemed to run off green consistently. Also a little disappointing.

Found a couple of green-side bunkers and all were very full of sand, in some cases almost too deep. Needed a perfect strike to fly ball far enough.

Layout is interesting enough, 14-16 were amazing, otherwise unspectacular and flat. Very enjoyable, but not the experience I expected.

$45 booking fee added to $110 green fee for non resident. POP was 4:25, (10:50 start) but seemed slower. Guess our group just played a little faster then groups in front, as we waited on several holes.

Service on course (beverage cart and at the turn) was excellent, however, kind of short and not super friendly at check in.

Poor driving range (mats, narrow, and below average targets), decent chipping green adjacent, and (2) putting greens near #1 North.

Lot of low flying jets from nearby Miramar base, which was cool for a while, but not when trying to pull the trigger on a shot.

I’d play again, but would need a deal of some kind on green fees.