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RECAP: GK Guru Visit Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas Nevada

Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas Nevada Hole 11

Bali Hai Golf Club

Golf Course Review Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas Nevada

Reviewed by: JohnnyGK, Thousand Oaks

Golf Playing Conditions 7.35 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 7.35 GREAT

Finally got to experience Bali Hai in Las Vegas Thursday with Kevbig, rob1562 and famed02. Super time!

Bali Hai lived up to its image as a high rollers “Vegas” course and then some. What I liked most about Bali Hai was how “Vegas” the place is. It totally personifies it. Its right next to the famous Las Vegas sign, there are constant views of the Mandalay and Luxor hotels, hospitality Vegas style with friendly attractive staff, deluxe fancy clubhouse, fun atmosphere throughout the property, music, great food (get the Hole-In-One breakfast bagel in the morning and the Bali Hai ½ burger in the afternoon) … this is a unique one of a kind experience.

The Review

Regarding the golf course, fun challenging layout with an island tropic theme. Much more demanding than I expected and we played the Silver tees. I could have stepped back to the Gold tees but glad I did not for my first time. No way am I playing the Black tees. Forgiving off the tee but very challenging on approach with lots of big difficult bunkers to deal with. Some forced caries over water on the par 3’s yet many opportunities to go for the par 5’s in two. The par 3’s IMO are the star of the golf course. All of them beautiful with varying lengths. The layout can get repetitive at times with holes featuring the same backdrops and similar design … however they are all great holes so I didn’t mind. Check out the photos I just posted!

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Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas Nevada Hole 4
Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas Nevada Hole 4

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Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas Nevada Hole 2
Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas Nevada Hole 2

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As far as conditions its in great shape. Their fairway over-seeding did not go as well as planned on the majority of holes, still good coverage but not as lush as one would expect. But they are addressing it with a deep veriti-cut + extra watering so I anticipate the fairways conditions to improve significantly within a matter a weeks. Greens in great shape with the back nine greens being better than the front nine greens. Mostly smooth, medium speed and holding shots. Rough, oh boy, its nasty difficult around the many greens. Being October the Bermunda rough is still present and a good 4 inches deep in many areas around the greens. Quite a few times my ball was buried and I had to chop it out. Other times I’d hit a good approach just short of the green and it would shut my ball down. As far as the bunkers, well-groomed with quality sand. I found my share of traps for sure. Tee boxes, the Gold and Black tees looked like they were in great shape, but we played what I think 90% of golfers play out there, the Silver tees which were in OK shape. Some with noticeable divot damage and few that need to be leveled. Again Gold and Black tee boxes looked very nice.

Parting Thought

Over the years I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews about Bali Hai and I now know why. If you are someone that could care less about a one of a kind “Vegas” golf experience that no other golf course can replicate, you might be disappointed. My suggestion is everyone should try playing this course at least once although because the uniqueness of the full experience it provides if it’s in your financial means to do so. I really enjoyed it.