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RECAP: GK Guru Visit Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas Nevada

Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas Nevada Hole 18

Bali Hai Golf Club

Golf Course Review Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas Nevada

Reviewed by: famed02, Henderson, NV

Golf Playing Conditions 7.35 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 7.35 GREAT

I was fortunate to be invited to play with Johnny, Kevin and Rob on this awesome course for the first time. Thanks Johnny!

Upon arrival at bag drop, there is the option to valet your car. In tradition with true Las Vegas, I did so, plus I wanted the full experience (lol).

Because of the amazing service, there was very little effort required on my part, other than to play and have fun.

The valet takes your car and clubs and points you to the food hut, where the breakfast burrito looked amazing. I didn’t have one, but Rob did and confirmed that it was good.

Our cart was set up for me and then we were offered a caddy for $40 a person (not sure if all 4 needed to pay). The caddy would help with hole play, putting advice and what I thought would have been totally worth it, ball finding! We passed on the offer, but someday, I would like to try it.

The Review

You know you’re at a really nice track when you hit the ball, it goes off into the dry creek bed and the greens guy goes to get it for you. He ran down, picked it up, cleaned it off and then handed it to me. That was cool.

The course was in good shape. There were some spots that were a little sloshy and clearly were damaged due to over watering, but they were on it and had the locations staked off.

The silver tee box must have been, as Johnny put it,”the favorite one” because it looked to be the most used. Lots of divot holes and it seems like they were having a hard time keeping up with it.

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Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas Nevada Hole 15
Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas Nevada Hole 15

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Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas Nevada Hole 14
Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas Nevada Hole 14

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The views were spectacular because of the great design and there is plenty of opportunity for some really good shots. We played early in the morning and because Las Vegas is one of the busiest airports in the world at that time, airplanes were taking off overhead the whole time. After a while you tune them out.

Although I am not as good as most everyone, I found it challenging, but not as much as some others. Rio Secco, for example, was much more challenging in my opinion. That being said, it was a very fun course. There were several holes where you had to “thread the needle” which made it really exciting.

Final Thoughts

As I have always said, “it’s the little things”. Bottom line, you can pretty much play anywhere you want, but its the cool stuff that keep you coming back. Believe me when I say, Bali Hai has this and more.

I felt like there must have been a drink cart girl for each of the nines. I saw them at least every two holes, but no coffee, which was a bummer.

After we were done playing, the cart guys point you to the food hut again and say, “Just let me do all the work, the clubs will be waiting for you at valet.” I took my phone and my wallet and the rest was done for me. The cart was cleaned out and THEY EVEN POLISHED MY SHOES AND PUT THEM IN MY BAG WHEN THEY WERE DONE!!!! Don’t forget to tip though.

Marvelous Monique come by with the “Vegas Tradition” of Jello shots, which totally hit the spot. I then had one of the best cheeseburgers I’ve ever had at a golf course. Outside was the typical beach resort atmosphere with music, people having a good time and enjoying a cocktail.

Bottom line, if you are looking to play and have “The Las Vegas Experience” in a one-stop location, look no more. It is basically on the strip and can’t be any more convenient for out-of-towners.