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Recent Golf Course Review Angel Park Golf Club PALM Las Vegas Nevada

Angel Park Golf Club (Palm)

Las Vegas, NV

Reviewed by: evildrummerhb, La Habra, CA

Golf Playing Conditions 6.58 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.58 GOOD

Played this past Friday on a beautiful sunny day with hardly a breeze. This was my first time here, and I left satisfied, if a little disappointed.

The tee boxes were great, the fairways too, and the rough was barely over fairway height. The bunkers were very firm, which was great if you were in a fairway bunker; green-side, not so much. The greens here were my disappointment mainly lies. They were super firm, with balls not leaving a mark, which I can deal with. They were very fast, which I love. However, there were many, many random bumps and unseen irregularities which made it nearly impossible to choose a line and execute a good putt.

The course is beautiful, and the hundreds of funny little chipmunks running around made for some amusement, but the greens soured what could have been an epic day. I’m hoping they are able to smooth those greens out, I’d enjoy another crack at this one.