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Winner #2016 @BlackGoldGolf #Golf #BestPlayingConditions #OrangeCounty

Congratulations to Black Gold Golf Club for 2016 Winner Best Playing Conditions for Orange County.

Congratulations to all the great golf courses out there that won Best Playing Conditions for their Region.  Haven’t thought of playing there?  Consider this a wake up call and give their golf course a try.

Black Gold Golf Club 2016 Winner Best Playing Conditions for Orange County

Greenskeeper.Org "Know Before You Go®"
Greenskeeper.Org “Know Before You Go®”

This year we have expanded our awards to 11 regions! @GreenskeeperOrg Winner #2016 @BlackGoldGolf #Golf #BestPlayingConditions #OrangeCounty #Breaking

We’ve waited all year for the results , and the results are in. proudly presents it’s Best Playing Conditions Awards for 2016.

Not to be confused with our other award “Worth the Green Fee,” “Best Playing Conditions” is awarded to golf courses open to the public listed on that stand out above the rest with our site users.  These golf courses distinguish themselves by providing consistent, exceptional playing conditions.

The job of the superintendent is the life blood of the golf course industry and most important contributing factor to enjoying a golf experience.  A golf course is a living, breathing organism whose health is constantly in flux.  It takes enormous dedication, resources and expertise by a superintendent and their staff to provide excellent turf conditions.’s registered trademark and creed, “Know Before You Go”®, centers on communicating these current playing conditions. The rating system used on is in part created by superintendents. views it’s Best Playing Conditions Awards as it’s highest honors.

Want to treat yourself to some choice conditions?  Want and experience you can remember?  Consider playing at one of these great golf courses in your area.

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Black Gold Golf Club

Black Gold Golf Club Yorba Linda California Golf Course Playing Conditionsweber
Posted: 01/05/17 9:31a
Member Since: Dec 4, 2002
From: coto de caza

As I had not played here for some time, thought based upon the most recent review I would give it another shot. Good decision! The course is in very nice condition, greens rolled true and just fast enough to present a challenge, but not too fast. Fairways have plenty of grass and the two bunkers I was in were both well manicured and had sufficient sand in them,.

Staff is always very good to deal and accommodating. Senior rate makes this course more affordable. Always a challenge and rarely leave here disappointed. Recommend this course to anyone looking for a fun but not too easy a round of golf.

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Black Gold Golf Club GK Review Guru Golf Course Review
Hole 7 – Black Gold Golf Club GK Review Guru Golf Course Review

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Black Gold Golf Club Yorba Linda, California Hole 11
Black Gold Golf Club Yorba Linda, California Hole 11 GK Review Guru Golf Course Review

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Black Gold Golf Club Yorba Linda Hole 10
Black Gold Golf Club Yorba Linda Hole 10 GK Review Guru Golf Course Review


2016 Best Playing Conditions for Orange County - Black Gold Golf Club
2016 Best Playing Conditions for Orange County – Black Gold Golf Club

Posted: 01/04/17 12:07p
Member Since: Oct 2, 2009
From: Long Beach

Yep, another positive review for Black Gold.
I guess by now the only complaint I’d make about the place is that if you aren’t grooving on your swing, you may lose a lot of balls. It may get tiring for some, to have a good round spoiled because you lost your ball on a narrow fairway. Plus the layout may get tiresome as its always seems to be a narrow valley to hit through. There’s no trees to get in the way either. Great views though, you can see Catalina from several tee boxes. The course is real well kept. Very little GUR areas, or places where you wouldn’t want to hit your ball from.
I think it plays harder than the scorecard says, as this is the kinda of place where you can hit a nice shot, but only to realize you landed your ball 5 ft too far on the green and it rolls down into a gully or sand trap. If you play here with an experienced player, make sure they give you at least 4 extra strokes as experience here can be the difference between an 81 or a 91.
I think this place is the bear minimum to play in the LA area. I don’t venture too far east from here so I can’t comment about a couple Riverside courses I’ve heard about, but in my opinion, there’s only 5 courses worth playing: Black Gold, Industry Hills Ike and Babe, Oak Creek, and if you’re in the mood for slumming it, Skylinks. PM me if you want to send me somewhere else, but from I’ve observed, these are the only ones worth playing.

Why Did We Expand the Regions?

It’s simple. has been growing.  We expanded the number of regions because golfers like you have reported about golf course conditions of the golf courses you play.  In short golfers come to us if they want informative, relevant golf course reviews and it’s all due to your, our GK Community’s, diligence.  You let us know your experiences and well if we hear about it everyone else does too.

Why so Many Regions?

Golf is an experience and every experience is unique.  Different golf courses offer different experiences.  What we look for in golf course reviews offers a little insight into every golf course we play.  Not just one point of view but many, and by providing many different points of view you get a clearer picture of what each golf course has to offer.  To that end we felt it necessary to provide regions with their own highlighted golf course.  Local players can enjoy the fact there is a great facility they can play just around their corner.  Golfers looking to experience new golf courses can play these and experience first-hand these unique golf experiences.  Put simply, we allow not just your high-end. daily fee courses to shine but the local municipal as well.  They all deserve a fair shot and they all deserve to shine.

Look for additional Golf Course highlights from our Best Playing Conditions for 2016.