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Congratulations to Navy Golf Course in Cypress, California 2016 Winner Worth the Green Fee for Orange County.

Congratulations to all the great golf courses out there that won Worth the Green Fee for their Region.  Haven’t thought of playing there?  Consider this a wake up call and give their golf course a try.

Navy Golf Course 2016 Winner Worth the Green Fee for Orange County

Greenskeeper.Org "Know Before You Go®"
Greenskeeper.Org “Know Before You Go®”

This year we expanded our awards to 11 regions!  @GreenskeeperOrg Winner #2016 @NavyGolfSB #Golf #WorththeGreenFee #OrangeCounty #Breaking

We’ve waited all year for the results, and the results are finally in. proudly presents it’s 2016 Worth the Green Fee Awards for Orange County.

Worth the Green Fee” is awarded to golf courses open to the public listed on that stand out above the rest with our site users at providing a consistent, quality golf experience at an outstanding price.

Let’s face it, golf can be expensive.  But it doesn’t have to be.  All you have to know is where to play to get your best value and that’s something excels.  In addition to helping golfers decide where to play their next round of golf based on reviews, ratings, and maintenance alerts, we’ve recently introduced our GK Coupons service to extend their deals directly to our avid golfers. Our GK Coupons  program has been received very well by both Golf Course Operator and Golfer.

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Navy Golf Course


NutNButCupNavy Golf Course Cypress California Golf Course Rating
Posted: 01/06/17 6:12p
Member Since: Jan 25, 2004
From: Buena Park

Teed off Wednesday about 10am and finished in 4:40 (tournament).
Recent rains made the greens soft and so footprints made the greens a little bumpy at times. Other than a little bumpiness the greens rolled decent with medium/fast speed and held shots. The fairways had decent grass coverage with a few wet spots due to rain. The rough is winter low height with a few thin/bare spots. The bunkers were decent considering recent rains. The tee boxes were fair to good with some mildly uneven.
This is a fun track to play with a nice amount of variety to the holes. Water comes into play on several holes. The course is flat and easily walkalbe. The staff has always been friendly.
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Navy Golf Course Cypress California. Hole 12 Destroyer Course Green-side
Navy Golf Course Cypress California. Hole 12 Destroyer Course Green-side

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Navy Golf Course Cypress, California. Hole 10 Tee Marker
Navy Golf Course Cypress, California. Hole 10 Tee Marker

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Navy Golf Course Cypress California. Hole 9 View from Tee Box
Navy Golf Course Cypress California. Hole 9 View from Tee Box


Worth the Green Fee 2016 for Orange County - Navy Golf Course
Worth the Green Fee 2016 for Orange County – Navy Golf Course

Posted: 12/13/16 5:01p
Member Since: Jun 13, 2005
From: Hermosa beach

First time I’ve played this course. I just never knew it was public.
Doh! Stupid me…it’s a wonderful track. Reminds me a bit of Skylinks and Rio but it’s better. The course is walkable which is nice. Greens are superb, true, well kept, just one or two more on the stimp meter and they would be top notch. Good open holes and a few tight ones, so you can go through every club in the bag if you’re playing it wisely. Quite a bit of water to navigate and the final run of holes are really excellent.
Great chili at $3 a pop at the turn, lovely guys in the pro shop. Not much to criticize really. I’m sold. Can’t wait to go back.

Why Did We Expand the Regions?

It’s simple. has been growing.  We expanded the number of regions because golfers like you have reported about golf course conditions in more places you play.  In short golfers come to us if they want informative, relevant golf course reviews and it’s all due to your, our GK Community’s, diligence.  You let us know your experiences and well if we hear about it everyone else does too.

Why so Many Regions?

Golf is an experience and every experience is unique.  Different golf courses offer different experiences.  What we look for in golf course reviews offers a little insight into every golf course we play.  Not just one point of view but many, and by providing many different points of view you get a clearer picture of what each golf course has to offer.  To that end we felt it necessary to provide regions with their own highlighted golf course.  Local players can enjoy the fact there is a great facility they can play just around their corner.  Golfers looking to experience new golf courses can play these and experience first-hand these unique golf experiences. Put simply, we allow not just your high-end. daily fee courses to shine but the local municipal as well.  They all deserve a fair shot and they all deserve to shine.

Look for additional Golf Course highlights from our Worth the Green Fee for 2016.